(iOS) How to plan a polygon mission

This article details how to plan and more generally prepare a polygon mission. It is recommended to performed these steps before going to the field and fly.

Important: Even though there is no save button, the planned mission remains even after closing or force quitting the app. Rebooting the mobile also keeps the designed flight plan in the Map view.


To plan a polygon mission:

1. Turn on the Internet connection.
2. Activate the device geolocation: In the Settings, select Privacy and then Location Services.
3. Open the app.
4. In the Home screen, select Polygon.


5. The default polygon flight appears in the Map view. Move the base map to the desired location and tap Reset to automatically bring the flight plan.
6. Tap settings_green.png to adjust the mission settings.


7. Customize the polygon shape.

a. Move large bullets to define the boundaries.
b. Drag small bullets to add vertices.
c. Remove a large bullet by dragging and dropping it on the closest vertex.



8. Set the orientation of the lines by sliding left or right on the flight plan.


The polygon mission is planned and now ready to be flown. Connect to the drone and tap Start.


Information: In the Home screen, tap Tutorial/Help and then Polygon Instructions to access schematic explanations anytime.
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