Interaction with the file explorer shuts down Pix4D Desktop on Dell machines


Pix4D Desktop, version 3.1 or later, is crashing when interacting with the File Explorer in Dell machines. 



Pix4D Desktop is crashing during any interaction with the File Explorer. For example, when:

  • opening a project from the Project menu.
  • saving as the project.
  • importing a GCP file.
  • selecting the images when creating a project, etc.



The crash is caused by a library which is part of a software called Dell Backup and Recovery (or AlienRespawn, alternatively).There is a conflict between a later version of a library used in Pix4D Desktop and an earlier version used in Dell Backup and Recovery that is causing the crash.



Remove the Dell Backup and Recovery software (or AlienRespawn, alternatively) from the computer and try to create a project again.

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