How to download the results folder from Pix4D Cloud


How to download the results folder from Pix4D Cloud. 

1. Browse to and select a Pix4D solution on the left side of the window. 
2. Go on the project and click the Download button mceclip0.png.
3. Depending on the Pix4D solution a list of possible files to download appears. Click Export to Pix4D Desktop (.ZIP) to download the full set of project outputs.

4. A notification appears indicating that the .zip file is getting ready. 
5. As soon as the .zip file is ready for download, an email will be sent to the email address associated with the corresponding Pix4D account.


How to open the downloaded results in Pix4D Desktop.

1. When the email is received, click Download zip file  and the download will start immediately.
2. Unzip the file. This .zip archive contains the results folder and the .p4d file. 
3. Double click the .p4d file to open the project. 
4. On the pop-up Information i0023, click OK and navigate to the directory where the images are stored. 

Important: The project's input images are not included with the zipped results folder downloaded from Pix4D Cloud. To download the images from Pix4D Cloud, go to, select the project, click the Download button mceclip0.png and select the option Input images (.ZIP).  
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