How to import a 3D Textured Mesh into Meshmixer


1. Open MeshMixer.
2. Click + and navigate to the folder to import the .obj or .ply file.

3. The 3D Textured Mesh is displayed under the x axis. 

4. Press CRTL+A on the keyboard to select the whole 3D Textured Mesh.

5. Press T on the keyboard to activate the transform tool, to change the position of the 3D Textured Mesh, the angle or scale. 

6. Place the mesh in the desired position and click Accept.
7. The mesh is correctly displayed. 
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  • Raphael Atimbire

    Hi I work with a lot of 3D textured mesh from Pix4D Mapper. Until recently I haven't had the need to interact the 3D models with spatially gereferenced data (points, lines, surfaces). For some reason, the 3D textured meshes are displayed in arbitrary coordinate systems when I open them with other 3D model viewers. 

    Is there a way to have the 3D textured meshes generated in Pix4D Mapper display with their respective output coordinate system (processing in pix4dmapper) when viewed with other 3D model viewer software or programs?

  • Avatar
    Aaron (Pix4D)

    Hi Raphael, 


    Thanks for your interest in Pix4D software solutions.  

    We offer a support article, How to visualize the 3D textured mesh with georeference that can help.

    Please let me know if you have further questions about the * file.



    Aaron Woods

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