(Android) How to share the mission data directly from Pix4Dcapture

To share the project file (.p4d) and images from the device via email or any suitable platform without connecting to a computer or using Pix4D Cloud:

1. Open the app.
2. In the Home screen, tap Project List.
3. In the Project List screen, select the project to share.
4. In the Project view of the project, tap bu_menu.png and Share...

5. Select the platform to be used.

The files that will be sent are:

  • Each image individually (not as a .zip file).
  • The global project file (.p4d) containing all missions.
Note: The .p4d file of each mission can still be extracted from the mission folder when connecting the mobile device to a computer. For more information: (Android, iOS) How to transfer and process images after the mission.
Important: All missions within a project can only be shared (as a single project) if all images of each mission were downloaded from the drone to the device.
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