(Android and iOS) Can the DJI Zenmuse XT camera be used to fly?

The app fully supports the most used DJI Zenmuse cameras which are X3 and X5. The thermal XT camera was not extensively tested and it is currently not in the pipeline. For more information about the supported hardware: 203991609.

Flying a mission with the FLIR camera is expected to be possible with the Android or iOS app. The drone will take pictures according to the flight plan but the video feed will not be working. However, it is required to capture the images in .tiff format for a successful processing with Pix4D desktop. Also recording video to extract frames for processing is not recommended. For more information: 208592186.

Before starting a thermal project, take a look at the minimum requirements and FAQ: 202755349.

Regarding the app, there are several factors to consider before flying:

  • Image format: Images are recorded in .jpeg format by default. This can be changed for the XT camera on Android but not iOS. The image format can be changed to .tiff in the settings of DJI GO.
Important: (iOS) It is not recommended to take pictures with the XT camera using the iOS app for flying a mission because only .jpeg images can be captured and this format will not give good results with the desktop software.
  • Image resolution: For optimal processing, it is suggested to set the resolution (image size) of the pictures to 640x512 [pixel] and to use a focal length (aperture) of 7.5, 9, 13 or 19 mm. Use DJI GO to change the options. These characteristics correspond to camera models in the Pix4D desktop database.

  • Image overlap: The overlap in the app is based on the X3 camera which has a specific field of view (FoV) different than that of the XT. Therefore, it is needed to adjust the overlap accordingly. For more information: 206794173.



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