The map display is black/empty - PIX4Dfields

This article explains the reasons and solutions for seeing a black screen in the map display.

This is typically caused by a corrupted installation that does not allow the map viewer to display orthomosaic, index map, or background satellite images. 

Option A: 

  • Close PIX4Dfields.
  • Visit: "C:\Program Files\Pix4Dfields\bin"
    • You might see that geoservices folder are duplicated in:
      • bin/plugin/geoservices.
      • bin/geoservices.
  • Delete the first folder bin/plugin/geoservices. 
  • Open PIX4Dfields again and check if the map is displayed.

Option B:

  • Close and uninstall PIX4Dfields.
    •  In the Windows Search, type Add or remove programs.
    • Scroll to find PIX4Dfields and click the application.
    • Click Uninstall.
  • Install PIX4Dfields again, downloading from