Presenting PIX4Dcatch issues to Technical Support / the Community - Best Practices


Presenting an issue with supporting data is the best way to receive fast and efficient support for any issue. There are many unassumable variables present, and providing sufficient detail will help others to quickly and efficiently understand the behavior experienced. Being able to replicate the behavior would be the ultimate goal. Knowing what is needed is not common knowledge, so this article is available to help guide specific information to include when reaching out for help.

If not already done, follow the basic troubleshooting steps. For more information: PIX4Dcatch Basic Troubleshooting - Start here.

When reaching out for assistance, it is recommended to share the following information.

  • Mobile device make / model / operating system.
  • Describe the workflow followed that produces the unexpected behavior. Recording these steps in a video is the best and most efficient way to present this data. Most mobile devices contain screen recording applications.
  • Export the project log files from the mobile device (Export logs), and share them in .zip format.
  • Export and share the Quality report when available.
  • Export the Project files (Export all data) and share in .zip format.

With a better understanding of the issue, it will be easier to provide a focused reply from support as well as peers in the community.

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