Collecting Data for Troubleshooting - PIX4Dcatch

To receive fast and efficient technical support, it is recommended to collect all the data related to the specific issue. Providing sufficient detail will help others to quickly and efficiently understand the behavior experienced, reproduce the issue and find the root cause. This article presents the relevant information that should be included when contacting the technical support team.

Tip: Before contacting technical support, please follow the steps from basic troubleshooting.

When reaching out for assistance, it is recommended to share the following information.

  • Mobile device make / model / operating system.
  • Describe the workflow followed that produces the unexpected behavior. Recording these steps in a video is the best and most efficient way to present this data. Most mobile devices contain screen recording applications.
  • Export the project log files from the mobile device (Export logs), and share them in a ZIP file format.
  • Export and share the quality report (if available).
  • Export the project files (Export all data) and share them in a ZIP file format.

With a better understanding of the actual issue, it will be easier for the technical support team to identify the root cause of the issue and provide a viable solution. Alternatively, this information can be shared with other users in the Pix4D community.